The Birkin!!

This cherished and sought after bag is known across the world, and feeling so passionately about it and the history is something i have always wanted to discuss. Well guess what!! Its happening today!! ๐Ÿ™‚
The Birkin bag is known by billions after it was introduced in 1983 after a worker at Hermรจs wanted to help out model ‘ Jane Birkin’. She was the inspiration for this bag and had given it, its name and reputation to what it is today.

Today the birkin is something only a lot of people dream of and that is why i feel sooooooooo lucky to be able to own one myself. The bag is often seen on mainstream celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. The worlds most expensive bag ever sold was a Himalayan crocodile Birkin with 18k gold hardware which sold in auction in Hong Kong to a private collector for a monstrous price of $300,000.

The bag is so sought after that in the US, the waitlist for one of these bags has been rumoured to go up to as long as 7 YEARS!!!!!!! The bag currently retails at an entry level price of $8,000 and can go up to the auction price of $300,000!!!( as seen above)
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