Winter Vibes…

I recently decided to do my first photoshoot in the areas of Knightsbridge and Hyde park with my cousin Emily. It was sooooo much fun and i would highly recommend it to anyone who loves photography and fashion and for a really good price for some amazing photos.

My cousin and i love to do fun activities and we really thought that this would be something which we had never done and would really love to do!!!! The kind of photos that came out were honesty a lot better than i thought they were going to be. My cousin always says that when she comes to me ( she lives in Devon), that she has no idea what to expect when she comes!! I really love doing activities that are spontaneous and out of the blue and i would really encourage all of you to try doing things that are spontaneous and that are something you felt that you could never do, ( even though it sounds really cliché).

For this photoshoot i decided to wear one of my new ideas which is, pairing a casual piece with a quite smart piece. For my cousin she decided to go quite timeless street chic and this is definitely one of my favourite outfits that she wears.

I wore my leavers hoodie ( haha) !!!!! I paired that with some Topshop Joni jeans, Russell and Bromley suede flats and a Burberry Pea coat. My cousin wears: Stewart Weitzman platform flats, Topshop Jamie jeans, Saint Laurent Biker jacket and then finished it off with a Givenchy Antigona bag. Xxx

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