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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I thought I’d begin the New Year with something that lets you guys, get to know me a little bit better. I’ve read soooo many articles about this and so here it is, The Luxury Addict Tag!!!!!!
1. What was your first designer piece?
When i was 11 i remember getting my first designer piece and it was from the Moschino SS14 collection for ‘fast fashion’. It was the one that looked like it was from McDonalds and everyone would come up to me and go "Is that bag from McDonalds??'( it did tend to get quite annoying after a while).

2. What do you consider your best investment?
I would definitely consider my best investment to be my Hermes Birkin 35 ( which you can read about in another blog post!!). It will never go out of style ( hopefully), and i would definitely say it is my fave bag with the highest resale value.
3 .What is your criteria when looking to buy a piece?
Buying something is normally quite a quick and spontaneous event for me ( unfortunately). I normally just see something in the store and then decide to buy it. I don’t really think about investment and re-selling and things like that but i am probably going to start to try and do so!!
4. What has been your stupid/most regrettable purchase?
As much as i really do hate to admit to saying this ( and my dad would hate me as well, as he thinks I’ve got no wear out of these). I really do think my most stupid/regrettable purchase is my Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers. It was the ones with the gold metal strap and they were suede at the sides and i just don’t really know when or how i can wear them out!!

5. If you have ever sold any of your pieces, have you ever had sellers regret?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that i have had sellers regret, however i did have to give up my Chanel black sneakers but that was just because they happened to be too small!! I wouldn’t call it sellers regret but i would definitely say that i was sad to have to have given them up!!
6. What piece should everyone have or need?
Definitely, no one NEEDS a designer piece in their collection. But i would say that if you do then something that comes from a brand or designer that is timeless and will always have a high re-sell value is a must!! Something from a designer such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel (definitely Chanel) is something that i would highly recommend.
7. What is a piece that you think is over-hyped?
Recently i wouldn’t say that a piece is over-hyped but i do think that the Gucci Dionysus has really been absolutely EVERYWHERE!!!!! I do love that bag but i do just think that i have been seeing it that litttttle bit too much.

8. What is next on your wish list?
I would definitely have to say that next on my wish list would be a small Saint Laurent nano
sac du jour bag, i think they are soooooo chic, structured and are that perfect day and evening bag. Tysm for reading!! Xxxx


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