My Fave Trends Of 2016……..

Ohhhhh, 2016, what a year!!!! (so bloody cliche)!!!! I thought there were definitely some trends that need to go in 2017!! However, i am here to talk about the more positive side of things and say about some of my absolute fave fashion and beauty, trends and items that i loved through the brilliant year of 2016.
1. So to begin i thought that i would start on the wonderful topic of bags ( as we all know that i love to ramble on this subject FOREVER), This year has definitely been a great year for the fashion industry and for my fashion evolution and for this year i have to hand over first place to a bag that i have pretty much seen on every blogger, last year. The Givenchy Antigona!!!!!

2. Going onto more of a trend theme, I thought that this year some of the things that came into fashion really were very stylish!! I feel like this year the duster coat has really come back into ‘Vogue’. My favourite person i have seen styling this floor length accessory, is Khloe Kardashian, she always wears this coat and i feel like she really set the trend for people to bring it back. I also love the kind of ways which she styles it normally with something as simple as a highwaisted jean and a cute pump. ( I loooooovvvee the way that she styles it below).

3. Again, another trend which i have been loving is the ‘blogger coat’ ( pardon the situation). This is the trend of where people drape your coat ( normally a longer style of coat) over your shoulders and then don’t put your arms though the sleeves. This is has been seen on loads of bloggers ( hence the name) all over the world. Even though many people have not really enjoyed this trend. I love it, and i am a keen partaker in it.

4. My favourite kind of beauty trend last year ( still can’t believe that we’re in 2017), was that the idea of contouring and highlighting, many people ( I’m not gonna lie), did take this trend to a whole new extreme of basically making there faces look like they were carved out of pure stone. But i do think that is is bloody amazing about the fact that people can actually change their face and make it look like they are "basically" a whole new person. I do find it amazing! As my cousin would say " what a time to be alive!!
5. My last and favourite trend of 2016 was one that i never really liked to begin with and on my other blog post "winter essentials", you can see this trend again. The Slider! My favourite being the fenty Puma sliders, which were designed by Rihanna. The sliders sold out in 30 mins, and I managed to snatch a pair on Ebay and I can truly say that I really do love them. Loads of celebs have been rocking the slider even with the most formal of outfits and I really do think that can be a great shoe for an outfit.

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