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Over the weekend, I went shopping ( no surprise there), and without floating my own boat, I really liked my outfit!!! Some of the pieces that i wore are some that i never thought i would see myself in.
I really love the ‘distressed’ look at the moment, just as long as it is not as much as some people are willing to go to, i like to pair a piece which is distressed with something that is much more formal and so it really gives that contrast. I didn’t think that id like the whole ‘distressed thing’, but i really do.
I just thought I’d warn you that you may be seeing this coat, ALOT!!!!! I wore it in my last blog post and i really do think that it can go well over loads of different outfit choices.

For this outfit, i wear: Coat: Stella Mccartney
Glasses: Prada
Tee: Givenchy
Trousers: Topshop
Bag: Hermes
Shoes: Russel and Bromley

Thanks for reading!!! xxxxxx

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