Top shoes for the Winter to SS…….

As we very slowly, approach the season of spring. I thought that i would share some of my fave shoes that i like to wear during SS. Loads of people say that they love shoes but really my thing is obviously,bags.
I thought that i would jump out of my comfort zone ( hardly that dramatic), and talk about the subject of shoes!!
So to begin, i have always had the struggle, like a lot of people, that i *ahem* that little period between winter and spring ( that bloody time!!!). I thought that i’d share with you some of my recent shoe purchases with some being much more extravagant than others. I have really tried to experiment with shoes recently , as i have aways just worn the same old pair of flats. But not today honey!!!
I am here to present to you my fave shoes at the moment !!

1. The Stuart Weitzman Pipekent patent platform shoe.

These shoes ares something that are actually quite out of my comfort zone. They are quite ostentatious and ‘glitzy’, however I really do love them!! From the one time that i have worn them i can say that they are very comfortable. If you are trying to have a great statement shoe for MOST outfits, then i would highly recommend taking a peek at these fabulous lace up platforms.
2. The Kenzo "Tiger espadrilles"

I really did love the look of espadrilles, but never thought to but a pair as i thought that they wouldn’t really suit my style, but when i was in Dubai, i saw these really cute espadrilles from Kenzo in Harvey Nichols in The Mall of the Emirates and i thought they looked quite situational for the trip and so i decided to but them. I generally love to pair these flats with a skinny jean, hoodie (preferably a neutral colour) and a bomber jacket.
3. The Yeezy "Boost 350"

Now then, we all know that nearly everyone LOVES Yeezys, and i can’t deny that for myself. I really do think that they are a great shoe, HOWEVER.. I have never really been into wearing trainers with an outfit but now after the release of Kanye’s kicks, I do think that they can look quite good. I got mine in the turtle dove colour.
4. Chanel, black and white pumps.

In my opinion, slip on pumps , are definitely my fave style of shoe. I think that they are the best shoe when paired with something simple like black jeans or trousers, I would definitely recommend this type of shoe for anyone who wants a versatile type of shoe, that you can wear with pretty much everything.
(As you can see, they are VERY loved!)
5. The Russell and Bromley suede pumps.

So going back to the last pair of shoes i would definitely say that these pumps (flats), are truly the MOST COMFORTABLE pair of shoes i have ever worn EVER!!!!! I picked these up from the Sloane Street store about a year ago and i would definitely say that they have had their ultimate cost per wear. They are so comfy and a great shoe for walking around a lot whilst still looking cute!

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