My Top 5 Places in London……

As you may or may not know, I have lived in London for nearly all my life and feel like it is true to say that I know the amazing capital city pretty well. There are so many places that are well known in London ( that are still amazing), but there are also just so many of those hidden gems that people probably don’t know about. So sit down, get a drink and get ready as I am about to tell you not just my fave things to do in my fave city but also some of my most beloved places and secret hideaways that i love to spend time at!!!
1. The Maze, Grosvenor Square.
I can’t even begin to tell you about this place, there are so many great things to say about it!! Located in the centre of London just of Bond St ( great location for I imagine, most of you!!). The food is just absolutely, bloody amazing!! There is a great atmosphere and the staff are just soooooooooo friendly!!
I would highly recommend!!!

2. Madame Tussauds, Marleybone
Now then, so many people don’t really like this place, or they think its boring or they think "why would i just look at wax people!!". But to me I just think that it is absolutely incredible how you can immortalise someone into wax and also how lifelike so many of them look. It was also one of the first very "touristy" activities and places that I went to.

3. The Bluebird cafe, Kings Road, Chelsea
When I talk about the Bluebird, most people think its the really upmarket restaurant that is sooooooo nice but i am here to talk about the cute little bistro cafe, thats just downstairs!! It is such a good lunch place that is located in a great area. Its great for Celeb spotting and just all round people spotting!! ;). It has really great food and i would recommend you stop by!!
4. Bond Street, South West
If you are a lover of shopping, i would highly recommend to stop by this elegant street. Located in the heart of the West End and a 5 minute walk from The Maze. It is filled with designer stores and has a reasonably quiet vibe compare to the busy Oxford St next to it. This is definitely my fave place in the world to go shopping and if you are a major fashionista, there is no way you can go to London without taking a quick stroll down here!!

5. Harrods, Brompton Road, Knightsbridge
Keeping on the theme of shopping ( one of my fave subjects to keep on), i am going to tell you about my favourite department store, Harrods. This very well known Knightsbridge based store, is located near any of my other favourite restaurants and is be far the best place to be shopping for honestly, most items. My personal preference is the ground floor with five different rooms of just designer accessories (HEAVEN)!!!!!!!! But moving off that, the huge store has 8 restaurants which are all absolutely amazing!!! It is definitely not one to miss!!

Thank you so much for reading, XOJoe

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