London Fashion Week…….

During the last week, i was lucky enough to attend both London Fashion week and London Fashion Week Festival! Both were so amazing and i can’t wait to share them with you!
On Sunday I went to both the Annderstand show and the Haluminous presentation. The trends from both shows were a very masculine vibe, which i absolutely loved!! The feel at Annderstand was quite military, formal and i absolutely LOVED this show!!!!

For the Haluminous presentation, there were many different aspects to this that i loved. Starting off with once again the idea of incorporating in masculinity and giving it a slightly "Zombieish" feel, making it very different from anything that I’ve seen before! The designer was so inspiring and when i talked to her after the show she even told me that she had designed the set and the acting of which the girls did during the show. She clearly fell so passionate and it was so nice to see!!!

So moving on to London Fashion Week Festival!! I attended 2 shows one being the Mother of Pearl show and the other the trend show!!
On the Mother of Pearl show, there were many trends which i loved including the over the hand cuffed shirts and also the any different ways in which pearls were incorporated including the chain and pearl detailing in the back of the shoes!!

In terms of the Trend show, it was very interesting as it was not really like any other show! There were three different trends which they had put together (floral, ruffles and off the shoulder), it was so nice seeing different designers put into one show and at the same time being able to look at the upcoming trends!

So all in all, it was AMAZING!!!! See you in September!! XOJoe

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