February Faves….

So, to begin the month of march I thought that I would just begin by telling a few of the different "things" which I have been loving recently ( I mean I would say products, however one of these isn’t a product so……..)

1. 3MINA, Brow Marker
So to begin with I was lucky enough to be sent a few products from the brand 3MINA, which I had never heard of before!! And I can now truly say that their product is my new fave brow product!! It is their brow marker, and I am so impressed!! There are so many good things to say and I always think that for me a spoolie brush on the end is os important!! I would highly recommend!!

2. OUAI, Soft hairspray
Im just gonna say it, I use A LOT of hairspray!!!!! ( TBH, you probably all knew that)!!!!. I go through many different hairsprays and I am going to tell you about one that i am loving at the moment! The OUAI hairspray by celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin smells literally INCREDIBLE!!!! People often tell me how nice my hair smells ( not that people just go around sniffing my hair!!) I would highly recommend as it is a great hairspray.

3. 3MINA, Brow mascara
Going to back to 3MINA, I have also been loving another one of there brow products!! The brow mascara. I never used to use a setting product on my brows but since I have started trying out this one, I have been so please with how my brows stay on through out the day!! I am so pleased with this product and would highly recommend, it comes with loads of product for the price and also gives a flawless result!!

4. Stuart Weitzman, "Pipekent" platforms
I have talked about these fabulous shoes before and I have just loved them more since the last time I spoke about them!! The Platform is something that I have been loving recently and I have been trying to incorporate this high shoe into my wardrobe!! These shoes are soooooo comfortable and I would highly recommend if you like this style of shoe!! I receive so many complements about these and I truly LOVE them!!

5. Solebrity, App
Now then, last but definitely not least, when I stumbled across this amazing app, I couldn’t help but think that this was pretty much one of the best apps for a fashion lover. This app is designed a bit like Instagram and is tailored to YOUR personal style!!! You can endorse products from different peoples feeds and then as you begin to like more and more peoples items then it will tailor your feed to YOUR style!! You and your friends can also look at each others endorsements and see which ones they like!! You can buy items straight from the app and if someone buys something from your feed then you get a percentage of the profit and some of it goes to charity!!! The app basically knows your taste!! I LOVE the idea of this app and I urge all my US readers to go and give it a download!! I am so excited to be collaborating with this app in the future!! I have enclosed a video of how the app works properly below!!