My Five Fave Things To Do In LA!!!!!

So, if you follow my insta or have read my last blog post then you will indefinitely know that during the last few weeks I went to the West coast of America and I visited the AMAZING city of Los Angeles. I stayed at the Beverly Wilshire ( in Beverly Hills) before heading to Vegas and then back to West Hollywood where I was lucky enough to be able to stay in the spectacular Mondrian hotel on Sunset Bvld, which is an absolute must see when visiting the city.
So without anymore waiting, I am pleased to share with you today, my top five things to do and places to see in the city of the angels.
1. Hiking, Hollywood
So, I had seen this been done by both Khloe Kardashians and one of my fave Youtubers called Amber Scholl. I took the inspo from them and decided to have a go myself. I took to the Hollywood Hills, just outside Beverly Hills and my dad and I hikes the 3 mile treck to behind the Hollywood sign and I can truly say that it is 100% not one to miss on your to do list if you visit the city.

2. The Ivy, Beverly Hills
I have heard so much hype about this restaurant and seen so much media and press about it that I was just dying to try it out!! I seriously can’t event begin to tell you how incredible it was. There was a great choice on the menu, the cutest and prettiest decor and the staff were so friendly. I would definitely say that it is worth the hype and it is not one to miss if you are passing through the 90210 area.

3. Barneys, New York, Beverly Hills
Being a shopaholic myself, wherever I go, I always have to check out the shopping situation. I am also one never to deny a department store, I LOVE a department store!!! My fave one that I visited was defo Barneys, New York. Located just off Rodeo Dr on Wilshire Boulevard. The staff are soooooo friendly and the Fred’s cafe on the top floor is stunning and also where I bumped into Paris Hilton whilst I was having lunch ( Ii say it so casually, I was really FREAKING out) !!

4. 208 Rodeo, Rodeo Dr
Going to back to the subject of food, I can officially tell you that my favourite breakfast place ever is now 208 Rodeo, located on the beginning of Rodeo Dr, the cute cafe does the most insane breakfast and I would say that the vibe is so the kind of one that you want for breakfast and with the friendly staff and amazing food, it is defo where I was going for breakfast every morning!!

5. LACMA Museum, Wilshire Blvd
This art museum is really something special! With not only amazing back drops to shoot outfit pics on!! 😉 The LACMA museum in central La offers some amazing pieces of art that are truly amazing and I do think that it is is a good museum to go to even if you find art boring. If you are an Art enthusiast, then this will be your heaven as it is full go more than 5,000 different art pieces that are all very unique. Not to mention the lampposts sculpture outside ( perfect backdrop)!!!!

Thank you so much for reading!!

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