Hi Hunnsssssss,
Now then, this is something that I talk about to everyone a lot about!1 There are so many different trends appearing on all the different social media platforms that just simply I am just not a huge fan of. However, today, I am not going to just sit here and purely rant to you about all the trends that I hate the most (no my friend, that is not what’s happening!!). Today, I am going to be discussing to you my likes and dislikes of the social worlds most in Vogue styles.
1. Clear shoes
So I thought I’d begin on a positive note by telling you a trend that I actually quite like. This trend is something that I’ve been on and off with, but I’ve decided that I actually quite like this trend unless you have like manky feet. (no shade). I do like them on many people such as Kim Kardashian, who look sooo cute in those things, I’m like yasssssss hun!

2. Lace Up, Body Suits
This is one that I honestly am just not that into, again, no shade. But I am just not really that into it, I just feel that sometimes it can be taken a bit too far! I just feel that sometimes it can be a little bit too "revealing"!! I’m just not really feeling it, you know??

3. The "blogger coat"
Incase you didn’t already know, I am absolutely OBSESSED with this trend. It’s the thing when you like drape a coat over your shoulders, OMG, LOOOVVEEEE!!! Honestly whenever any of my friends do it there like, "I’m doing the Joe Hayes coat!! 😉 I honestly love this trend sooooo much. I just think that it makes any coat look so boujeeeee!!

I am not slating avocados in any way, shape of form. However I do totally think that there has just been way to much avo about!! Literally, EVERYONE is posting about itttt!! UUUUHHHH!! I mean don’t get me wrong, avocados are like my fave! But I swear that some people just get them and pretend their eating them for the photo. ( P.s, I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much about a vegetable!!)

5. Flower embroidery,
I am so obsessed with this trend, it’s literally unhealthy!! I just think it looks so cute and classy and I just LOVEEE it on literally anyone!! I think that it adds a great touch to any outfit and it just creates such a cool look on things like shoes, jeans and denim. LOVEEEE!!


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