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Hey Hunnnnnnsssss…..
First of all, I am so sorry for not posting recently, but I have been both quite ill and revising ALOT!! But WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!! I am coming at you with a current faves of just some clothing and accessory bits, that I have been loving recently!! I can’t wait to share them all with you! Just so you know, most of these are pretty extraaaa!! ( not like that’s a fricken suprise though)
1. Topshop Sequin Cape
So to begin on a BANG, I thought I’d begin with sorting that I picked up just recently but have been completely obsessed with!! It is this AMAZING cape with pink and yellow sequins from Topshop. This is part of their boutique range and therefore does retail at quite a pricey £75. However I do think that this is just such a cute cape, and I love it so much!!

2. Skinny Dip, Palm bag
This bag, I cannot even tell you, GIVES ME LIFEEEEEE!!!! It is such a nice bag that honestly fits in so much
more than you would expect! It is such a cute little statement piece for any outfit, and I really do think that it is such a good purchase and it only £25!! Such a good buy!

3. Russel and Bromley, Roxanne booties
These shoes have been my absolute staple at the moment!! They are both so fabulous and so comfortable ( which you rarely find in a pair of heels)!! I love the way that these just spice up the most basic of outfits and they really do make any outfit pop! I have been lovvviinngggg these!!

4. Givenchy ‘Paris’ Tee
Now then, we all know how much I love this tee and I honestly don’t think that it needs that much of an introduction! I love this tee so much that I pretty much wear it with every outfit ever!! It fits so nicely, so comfy!! Oh who am I kidding, I JUST LOVE ITTTTTT!!!! ( similar linked)

5. Boohoo, Duster coat
This coat really speaks for itself, it is such an amazing affordable coat, that is so well made and that I truly love!! It goes well with so many different looks, whether it be a plain white tee or joggers ( yes I have tried that)!! It just looks so good!!

Thank you so much for reading!! XOJoe

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