My Top 5 Fave Sunnies for Sumerrrrrrr….

Hey my hunsssssssss, I know it has literally been a lifetime since I’ve been posting recently and as I am still at school it definitely does make posting a lot harder to maintain and keep up with. But when I reach the summer hols ( 2 weeks, yayyyyyyy). I will be focusing on getting out loads of new content.
So, for this post I will sharing with you my 5 sunnies which I truly believe are a staple for any summer look and are sooooo nice!! I love the differences with each of these sunglasses, and I can’t wait to let you guys know my top 5 face sunglasses for sumeerrrrr… YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS…….

1. Quay Australia, Vintage vibessss

2. Porsche Design, Black Aviators

3. Hashtag Sunglasses, Vintage Frames
P.s, I know there’s know tint in these but I love them anyway.

4. Dior, So Real

5. Fendi, Cateyes

Thank you so much for reading,
XOJoe xxxxxx

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