My Blogger Weekend….

Hey my hunnsssssss…
I am coming at you today with telling you all about the two AMAZING events I went to this weekend hosted by @ScarlettLondon and @BeautyAtBrunch !! They were both amazing in there own ways with one being a more relaxed and "fair" like setting with many brands setting up stalls, and the other being a brunch in a REALLY cute Islington location!!

1. @ScarlettLondon , #BloggersSuite
This event was reasonably relaxed with about 70 bloggers going, it was so lovely to see both familiar faces and meet loads of new people! The atmosphere was so lovely and there were so many great masterclasses by bloggers giving advice on subjects such as SEO, Brands, etc ! There were so many amazing brands with different stalls including, Lipvir, SKD and many more. I would highly recommend to anyone to go along to Scarlett’s events as they are such a great way to network, socialise and get free goodddieesssss…. 😉

2. @BeautyAtBrunch, #BrunchWithBAB
So, for this event, it was a super cute brunch with was located in the Dead Dolls House, Islington. It was such great venue and amazing event put on by the two sisters!! To begin, it was a much more small and intimate atmosphere which made it really nice to be in! The food was UNREAL and they had so many little setups with a selfie booth, flat lay competitions and it was just soooooo cuteeeee!!! It was again, so nice to meet so many new bloggers who all blog about new and exciting topics, whether that be dating, design or fashion! It was so great to meet so many amazing people!! I loved the cute vibe and the goodie bags were just so instagramable!! ( Perrrrrrfeeeeecttttttt)!! I would highly recommend their cute and vibilicous events in the future!!

Thank you so much for reading… Till next timeeee…

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