Hey Hunnnsssssssss,
So, I put out an insta post just yesterday asking you babes to send me in some questions that you had for little old me!! I love reading these kind of blog posts so I thought I’d give it a go myself. ( I mean why the hell not)! So here we have it, MY Q & AAAAAAAA!!!

1. What are your aspirations in life?
Now then, to begin on quite a deep note, this question is one that I have been asked quite a lot and have always struggled to answer. However, if I really thought about it I would probably say that I would really love for my blog and Instagram to really take off, and then I would love to end up working in Vogue as something in the fashion writing and editing world. But for your cringey answer, I really would just love to be happy when I’m older.
2. What are 3 items you cannot live without?
I had to think pretty hard about this one, ( however I obvs could live without all of these)! I would say in terms of putting fashion, beauty and skincare all together, I would probably say thatttttt, 1. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. 2. Givenchy "Paris" tee. 3. My green Hermes kelly bag.
3. Whats your fave item of clothing or accessory?
I’m going to answer for both clothing piece and accessory as I honestly couldn’t choose just one to pick from both of them! I would have to say that my Givenchy "Paris" tee, is something that I truly do where alllllll the time, so I would probably have to say that for the clothing piece, but for accessory, I would just have to go with my new Hermes Kelly bag, as that really is just my faveeeeee!!!
4. Balenciaga or Givenchy Bag?
This was probably one of the most specific questions I got, but I was thinking about which bag you meanttt or whether it was the general brand. I love both brands equally in their own right and I truly do think they are both very influential designers but I would just have to go withhhh ( drum roollllll) GIVENCHY!! I just think their designs and craftsmanship is truly stunning and I think that they offer so many amazing bags like the Antigona and Pandora bags!!
5. Which celeb do you look to for fashion inspo?
I LOVE this question as there are so many different celebs and influencers out there that I look to for inspiration for different reasons. For actual celebrities, I really love the styles of Ariana Grande, EJ Johnson and Rihanna, I think this as they all have very much unique and punky styles which is right up my ally! For influencers, I have always loved Matt Sarafa ( @mattsarafa) as I think he is so just his own person and I take LOADS of fashion inspo from him, but I do take a lot of fashion inspo from many different people.
6. Holy Grail Makeup Product?
I would have to say that I do try out quite a lot of makeup products and that I do believe that there are some AMAZING thing on the market. I would say that my all time fave makeup product would be my Makeup forever ultra HD foundation stick, it is sooooo gooooddddd!!!
7. Favourite beauty brand?
I am going to have to say, that I tend to try out so many different beauty brands, as I like to try and explore different products for different reasons. I do think though that if I had to only pick one brand that I would have to say is my fave, then I would probably say that MAC is my all time fave. I would say this because it is a universal brand that I can always rely on for any products.
8. What do you hope to be in the next 10 years?
Now then, this question is quite difficult for me as I am still quite young, however since I was young I have always wanted to have an internship doing something editorial in Vogue. Which would hopefully then lead to my career path later on. But to be honest with you I would honestly just like to be happy and enjoying life in 10 years time.
9. What was your first designer purchase?
I would say that my first designer purchase was the Moschino SS14 McDonalds backpack which I received when I was 11, I cannot tell you how excited I was when I received it and that was definitely my first proper designer purchase.
10. What necessities do you carry in your bag?
My general necessities vary from day to day, depending on what I am doing and where Im going! I would however say that there are a few items which never ever leave my bag whether I am going to an event, to dinner, to the post office! They would be, my phone, my Gucci card case, my keys, my Clarins hand lotion and my Mario Badescu rose water, I would say that I tend to want to carry them with me for most of my adventures.
11. Decision behind the new hairstyle?
My hair is something which I have always spend absolutely forever doing and that takes me the world and a half to get right. I would say though that I thought it would be more practical for summer and the fact that now all I have to do is just walk out the door. I was also just a bit bored and though why the hell not!!
12. Has your style changed since you first got interested in fashion?
In many ways yes, and in many ways no!! I would say that since I have become interested in fashion, my styles and clothing choices have become a lot more daring and they generally have become more bold ( which I love) . But I would say that my style interms of what colours I wear and that kind of thing, has pretty much stayed the same.
13. If I had to make up a word to describe my style what would it be?
This is a question which I have been asked quite a lot and I do think that there isn’t really one word I could say to describe to say my style, I would say that if I really had to I would probably say something like contemodern!! Which is a mix of both contempary and modern style ;0
Thank you so much for reading!

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