How and Why I started blogging???

I am coming at you today, with a blog post on how and why I decided to go on the journey and adventure that is the social media and blogging world, this is a question that I get asked quite a lot and so I am sooooooooo excited to answer it for you today!! I am going to be covering quite a few topics, so get settled in!!

So to begin. I have always had some sort of interest in fashion as long as I can remember ( which is not very long as I am only 14 😉 ). Ever since I was young I always knew that I wanted to work in the fashion industry and do something in that elite circle. From the age of about 7 or 8, I have always been watching youtube videos of all the ready to wear shows and I have always been so inspired by what each and every designer uniquely decides to do. I have been watching youtubers such as Lydia Millen, Amelia Liana and Sarah Ashcroft for so long and then I began to discover some very inspiring and relatable men on youtube that made me go out of my comfort zone and feel way more confident in my appearance and how I was dressing.
To get the juicy stuff, the main reason I started blogging is that my dad once saw me watching Youtube and he told me that instead of just watching the other people do it, I should do it myself ( by this point I had also started to read plenty of blogs)!! I thought I could give it a shot ( as cringey as that sounds!!). I then started to really switch my content on Instagram into much more fashion orientated content and then I slowly noticed my following begin to increase ( I was like oh, wow, this stuff really works!!) I then started a blog in early August 2016, with the amazing support of my fam and parentals.
So, in terms of advice, so many bloggers/ bloggers will tell you not to focus on the followers and the numbers and the free stuff and the holidays and all that good stuff!AHHHH!! I would say that I can definitely find it super easy to get caught up in the numbers all the time, but I just think that as long as you are posting content that makes you happy, then no matter if your following goes up or down, thats what matters. 90% of the time, if you are posting content that you like, then your following will naturally grow anyway!!
I hope that this post has given you an in site into the reason that I started blogging and few little queries that you may have had!!!
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