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Heyyyyyy babbbeezz,


Today, I am coming at you with a new blog post on some of my most fave recent purchases. I have been getting so many new things recently, that are super exciting!! And  I can’t wait to share it with you all today.  I have been getting so many DM’s on what pieces I’m wearing and where there frommmm.  So let’s sit and spill alll those beans hunny.


  1. Max Mara, Teddy bear coat,

So to begin on a rather soft and cuddly note. I am beggining with my favourite coat of the moe, which is the Max Mara teddy bear coat. I first saw this on the amazing @carodaur when she was at London Fashion week.  I just felt like it had to be in my wardrobe ASAP!!!! It is the sofest thing OF YOUR LIFE, and it is defo a winter must have if you want to splurge a teeennyeeeey bit. This is defo going to be on my insta all winta.



2. Hafnium Collection fur coat,

This is one of those things that I had never heard of until I came across the Hafnium collection instagram. I was scrolling through their feed and I was so impressed by the amazing designs that they had to offer. They have so many vibrant colours of the most beautiful fur jackets, and again, you are going to be seeing me in this throughout the whole winter. 



3. Public Desire, Mayhem Extreme suede boots,

Now then, you have absolutely no idea how  much I bloody love these boots. They are crazy platform 80’s inspo boots that really do jazz up any outfit, I am so obsessed by how these look and paired with these velvet green trousers, they really are a gem.



4. Zara, oversized green glitter shirt,

I picked up this shirt when I was in Portugal, and let me tell you, the European Zara’s really are something special and something to be talking about. This amazing shirt has a black and white lining and a stunning green glitter outside. This shirt is perfect to throw over any tee like I have done with this one from H&M.



These are just a few of my fave purchases recently, and I really hope you all love them, (cause I definitely do 😉 ). I am so sorry that I have barley been posting anything recently, that it just due to that I have been so busy at school recently, but I really hope that I can start uploading a bit more soonnnnnn….

Thank you so much for reading!!!



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